Sports and Activities

  1. If the pistes are closed in my resort, can I claim for not being able to ski?

    If you are prevented from skiing at the pre-booked resort for more than 12 consecutive hours because of insufficient snow or an avalanche results in the skiing facilities (excluding cross-country skiing) in your resort being closed and it is not possible to ski, we will pay up to the policy benefit shown in the terms and conditions subject to the appropriate winter sports premium being paid. Please refer to the piste closure section of the policy wording.

  2. Can we extend our winter sports cover beyond 17 days on Annual Multi-Trip cover?

    No, 17 days is the maximum days allowed on our Annual Multi-Trip policies. If you require cover for longer than 17 days, this can be arranged under a single trip policy.

  3. If I get hurt whilst on a skiing holiday and have not taken out winter sports cover, would I be covered?

    No, for protection against certain losses occurring whilst skiing, you would need to upgrade your policy to include winter sports cover.

  4. I might want to take part in extreme sports while I’m away. How will I know if they are covered?

    Certain sports and activities are automatically covered and detailed in the policy wording. If you are unsure of whether your activity will be covered, please Contact Us for clarification.

  5. Under the winter sports cover, can I ski or snowboard off piste?

    Skiing and snowboarding off piste is covered within the resort boundaries only.

  6. I quite fancy having a go at parascending off the beach or maybe even scuba diving. Would I be covered if I had an accident?

    Our sports and activities list, detailed in the policy wording, offers automatic cover for a number of activities, including scuba diving to a depth of 30 metres and parascending over water.

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