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  • 100+ Sporting Activities Covered
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team
  • Cover Available Up To 18 months
  • Up To £10,000 Cancellation Cover

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

When you think of travel, what comes to mind? Do you like exploring historic sights, immersing yourself in the local culture and indulging in its cuisine? Do you enjoy a more active break – one that’s packed full of sports and adventure. Or is your ultimate vacation all about rest and relaxation in an exotic idyll?

In reality you may be someone that likes to mix it up and enjoy all different types of holidays and if you’re planning to head away multiple times over the next 12 months then it’s important to ensure that you protect yourself for the unexpected.

Whether it’s for medical emergencies, cancellation costs or personal possessions, having the peace of mind that you’re covered when you’re thousands of miles from home is invaluable and a Spectrum Annual Multi-Trip policy is likely to be the perfect option for you.

What Is Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

An Annual Multi-Trip policy from Spectrum gives you the freedom to travel as many times as you like over a 12 month period for a one off payment. There are four cover levels to choose from so it’s easy to select the policy that fits your needs.

There’s a 50 day maximum per trip duration limit included as standard (age dependent), over 100 adventure sports and activities are covered for free and a 24 hour emergency medical helpline is available so you’ll have someone to support you when you need it most.

Why Should I Choose Annual Insurance?

Taking out an annual policy offers you the freedom to know that you’re insured to head away over the year without the need to arrange cover for each and every trip. It’s also likely to work out cheaper than if you were to take out several Single Trip policies.

It’s important that when you select your annual policy that you think about where you may head over the year. That’s because Spectrum Annual Insurance is area based so when you purchase your cover you will be asked to choose between Europe, Worldwide excluding USA, Canada & the Caribbean and Worldwide including USA, Canada & the Caribbean.

Also, if you take out a couple or family policy all those named on the insurance are covered to travel independently so you can head away separately knowing you’re protected.

Key Benefits Of Our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

  • Coronavirus cover now included on our Diamond & Staycation policies!
  • Exclusive discount available for at home COVID tests
  • Brexit-Proof your holiday with our Diamond policy
  • Available up to age 85
  • Independent travel covered on couple/family policies
  • Cancellation cover available up to £10,000
  • 24 hour medical emergency helpline
  • Up to £10million in medical expenses cover available
  • Over 100 adventure sports and activities included automatically
  • Per trip duration limit of 50 days included as standard (age dependent)
  • Option to include optional extras including Winter Sports (up to age 70), Gadget Cover, Cruise Cover and Golf Plus.

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When Should I Start My Annual Policy?

You have two choices with annual cover. You can start your cover on the day you purchase your policy or you can start it in the future, say to coincide with your first day of travel.

While you might be tempted to start your cover as close to your departure date as possible, it’s important to be aware that you won’t be covered for cancellation between your purchase date and your date of travel.

As such should anything happen to cause you to cancel your trip there’d be no way to recoup this expense from Spectrum. So it’s best to start your policy at the time of booking to know you’re fully protected for all aspects of the policy from the get go.

What Does Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Cover?

Spectrum’s Travel Insurance covers a whole host of aspects and with four levels to choose from – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – you can select the policy that best fits your individual requirements. Some key aspects are:

  • Cancellation and curtailment – cover up to £10,000 available.
  • Medical Expenses – up to £10million cover available.
  • Baggage – cover up to £3,000 available. If you need to cover your baggage select either Silver, Gold or Platinum cover.
  • Personal Accident – cover up to £100,000 available (depending on section).
  • Personal Liability – cover up to £3million available.

Plus much more – you can find a full outline of all Spectrum cover levels by visiting our Cover Levels page.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Trips I Can Take?

There’s no limit to the number of trips you can take but there is a restriction in terms of the duration that each trip can be for and this is based on your age.

  • Aged 65 and under: standard 50 days per trip, which can be extended to 100 days for an additional premium.
  • Aged 76 and 85: standard 35 days per trip. No extension is available.
  • Aged 66 and 75: standard 35 days per trip, which can be extended to 50 days for an additional premium.

How Many Days Can I Travel Per Trip?

The number of days you can be covered for per trip, from the first day of travel to when you return home, is outlined below:

  • Aged 65 and under: standard 50 days per trip, which can be extended to 100 days for an additional premium.
  • Aged 76 and 85: standard 35 days per trip. No extension is available.
  • Aged 66 and 75: standard 35 days per trip, which can be extended to 50 days for an additional premium.

Why Choose Spectrum Travel Insurance?

24/7 Emergency Helpline

100+Activities Covered FREE

Up to
£10m Medical Cover Per Person

Up to
£10,000 Cancellation Cover Per Person

Can I Travel Independently On A Couple Or Family Policy?

All those named on a Spectrum Annual Multi-Trip policy are covered to travel independently.

Annual Multi-Trip Vs Single Trip – What’s The Difference?

Single Trip policies cover you for one trip only and you have to arrange cover for each time you travel. With an annual policy you can cover all your trips for the year with a one off premium. As such if plan to travel more than twice a year it may work out cheaper, and will definitely be more convenient, to take out an Annual Multi-Trip policy.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance With Medical Conditions

We realise that you might be concerned about declaring a condition – whether it’s the fact that you don’t feel comfortable talking about it or answering lots of questions, or you’re concerned about what the cost might be. With Spectrum you don’t need to worry as we’ve made the process of declaring your condition as straightforward as possible as you can do so online or over the phone.

If you have a medical condition then it’s important to declare it when you take out your cover. That’s because if something happens that’s linked to your condition and you haven’t told us about it then it is likely that any related claim will be declined.

So don’t risk travelling without cover – get a quote today.

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What Area Of Travel Should I Choose?

To keep things simple we offer three area options:

  • Europe
  • Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean
  • Worldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean

For example, if you were planning on heading to Italy, Florida and Croatia over the year you’d need to select Worldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean. Also if you plan to head off to enjoy some time on the slopes don’t forget to add Winter Sports cover.

Tailor Your Policy With A Range Of Additional Options

Here at Spectrum we aim to ensure that you can build a policy to fit your individual needs. Not only do we offer a comprehensive range of cover, we also provide the following seven additional options:

  • Gadget Cover – added protection for up to five of your gadgets, including smart phones and tablets.
  • Cruise Cover – if you’re planning a Cruise holiday, we offer a specialist extension on our Single and Multi Trip policies. The Cruise Extension must be added to your policy if you’re planning a cruise.
  • Business Plus – if you travel on business then this gives added security for equipment, goods and personnel.
  • Golf Plus – if you’re heading away to enjoy a few rounds in sunny climes you may want to take out this extra insurance to protect aspects such as your clubs and green fees – there’s even ‘hole in one’ cover!
  • Wedding/Civil Partnership Plus – if you are holding your big day abroad then make sure items such as wedding rings, attire and gifts are covered with this option.
  • Winter Sports – heading to the slopes? Then make sure you add Winter Sports cover to your annual policy. We offer 17 days cover for those aged under 70.

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