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  • 100+ Sporting Activities Covered
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team
  • Cover Available Up To 18 months
  • Up To £10,000 Cancellation Cover

Do you have a holiday home in the sun that you like to escape to for months at a time? Are you planning an extended break to visit friends or relatives who live overseas? Are you taking a sabbatical to explore far flung destinations, sailing off on a round the world cruise or spending the season in a ski resort?

Wherever your travel plans take you, if you are off on a longer than usual trip then taking out travel insurance is a must.

Spectrum has built its Long Stay policy to give you the confidence that you have top quality protection for those unexpected events that may occur while you’re away from home for a prolonged period.

What Is Long Stay Travel Insurance?

Spectrum’s Long Stay policy is available to those who are off on a break of three months or more. You have the comfort of an emergency medical helpline which is available 24/7 should you find yourself with a medical issue in a foreign land and are not sure what to do. With multi-lingual operatives, this doctor-led team will be able to assess your situation and give you the reassurance that you’re receiving the right care at the right medical facility and be there to guide you every step of the way.

While you’re away if you plan to partake in sports and activities the good news is that Spectrum covers over 100 as standard. While if you’re planning to stay in a ski resort as a seasonaire you can also take out Winter Sports cover for extended trips in the snow.

Why Should I Choose Long Stay Insurance?

As with any type of trip it’s unfortunately the case that negative things can happen at any time that can affect your travel plans or mean you have to return home sooner than expected. What if you fall ill or become injured? What if you suffer a theft?

With a Spectrum Long Stay policy you have the peace of mind that you’re covered for multiple issues that could arise while you’re away from home for an extended break.

If you’re aged 45 and under Spectrum’s Gap Year policy may be more suited to your needs, especially if you’re planning to head away for more than 12 months. Or if you plan to travel up to 100 days take a look at Spectrum’s Single Trip cover.

Key Benefits Of Our Long Stay Travel Insurance

  • Available up to age 75
  • Covers trips from three to 12 months
  • Over 100 adventure sports and activities covered automatically
  • 24/7 emergency medical helpline available year round
  • Covers cruising automatically
  • Extended Winter Sports cover available – perfect for seasonaires

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What Does Long Stay Travel Insurance Cover?

Spectrum’s Travel Insurance covers a whole host of aspects and with two levels to choose from – Silver and Gold – you can select the Long Stay policy that best fits your individual requirements. Some key aspects are:

  • Cancellation and curtailment – cover up to £5,000 available
  • Medical Expenses – up to £7.5million cover available
  • Baggage – cover up to £2,000 available
  • Personal Accident – cover up to £20,000 available
  • Personal Liability – cover up to £2million available

Plus much more – you can find a full outline of all Spectrum cover levels by visiting our Cover Levels page.

Is There A Limit To The Length Of Trip I Can Be Covered For?

The length of trip you can be covered for depends on three factors – your age, the area you are travelling to and the cover level you choose.

Maximum Trip Duration Up to 65 years 66 – 70 years 71 – 75 years
Europe Gold – 12 months
Silver – 6 months
Gold – 12 months
Silver – 6 months
Gold – 12 months
Silver – 6 months
Worldwide exc. USA, Canada and the Caribbean Gold – 12 months
Silver – 6 months
Gold – 9 months
Silver – 6 months
Gold – 6 months
Silver – 6 months
Worldwide inc. USA, Canada and the Caribbean Gold – 12 months
Silver – 6 months
Gold – 6 months
Silver – 6 months
Gold – 4 months
Silver – 4 months

I Have a Medical Condition – Can I Take Out Long Stay Cover?

We realise that you might be concerned about declaring a condition – whether it’s the fact that you don’t want to answer lots of questions, or you’re concerned about what the cover may cost. With Spectrum you don’t need to worry as we’ve made the process of declaring your condition as straightforward as possible as you can do so online or over the phone.

If you have a medical condition then it’s important to declare it when you take out your cover. That’s because if something happens that’s linked to your condition and you haven’t told us about it then it is likely that any related claim will be declined.

So don’t risk travelling without cover – get a quote today.

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Why Choose Spectrum Travel Insurance?

24/7 Emergency Helpline

100+Activities Covered FREE

Up to
£10m Medical Cover Per Person

Up to
£10,000 Cancellation Cover Per Person

What Area Of Travel Should I Choose?

To keep things simple we offer three area options:

  • Europe
  • Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean
  • Worldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean

For example, if you are planning on heading to Thailand, Japan and Australia during your time away you’d need to select Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean. If you plan to visit any of the Caribbean islands then Worldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean would be your area.

When Should I Take Out Long Stay Cover?

Once you purchase your Spectrum Long Stay policy you’re immediately covered for cancellation so it’s best to take out your cover as soon as you have booked your trip.

Tailor Your Policy With A Range Of Additional Options

Here at Spectrum we aim to ensure that you can build a policy to fit your individual needs. Not only do we offer a wide range of cover, we also provide the following seven additional options:

  • Gadget Cover – added protection for up to five of your gadgets, including smart phones and tablets.
  • Business Plus – if you travel on business then this gives added security for equipment, goods and personnel.
  • Golf Plus – if you’re heading away to enjoy a few rounds in sunny climes you may want to take out this extra insurance to protect aspects such as your clubs and green fees – there’s even ‘hole in one’ cover!
  • Wedding/Civil Partnership Plus – if you are holding your big day abroad then make sure items such as wedding rings, attire and gifts are covered with this option.
  • Winter Sports – heading to the slopes? Then make sure you add Winter Sports cover to your policy.

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