Visas, passports and money

Visas, passports and money Make sure that you have the correct visas for the countries you are visiting and that your passport is valid for the right amount of time - Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice can usually tell you this.

Check that your passport is still valid for a minimum of six months at return date. Make a note of your passport number, date and place of issue. Also, make a photocopy of the last page to leave with family or friends.

Take photocopies of your passport and other important documents - keep these separate from the originals when you travel and/or store them online using an online safe, which allows you to store details and images of your important documents and valuables in a ‘secure online safe’. Keep your passport in the hotel safe and carry a photocopy with you.

Be sure to complete the emergency contact details in your passport. This will make it much easier for the Foreign Commonwealth Office to contact someone on your behalf if necessary.

Tell a relative or friend where you are going and for how long for, give them some details of your itinerary if possible and an emergency telephone number / email address.

Take enough money for your holiday and some back-up funds in a mix of cash and travellers cheques. Make a note of the cheques’ numbers before you go.

Before you travel, find out how your travellers cheques and credit cards can be replaced if lost.

Check the expiry dates of your credit cards before you travel and make a note of their numbers.

Take another form of photographic identification.

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